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Yukra Shebaur

In the Mea She'arim neighborhood, there is an artistic leather shop,
"Yukra Shebaur", which manufactures and designs unique leather bindings
for Sifrei Kodesh and Judaica products. "Yukra Shebaur" Produce antique leather bindings that are especially
suitable for you with a variety of colors and new and antique designs,
in any number that you want to thousands of books,
and everything is done with great care.
Among our clients are private people, institutions, and organizers,
We create exclusive gifts for events and all kinds of gifts. We are proud
to sell our unique products, and offer you a rich catalog of various models
and colors, with the h
ighest level of quality and finish,
for all types of gifts,and for chosen and kalah.


only at yukra shebaur

Order a set of Machzurim + 3 books
(Selichot, Techina, Chumash, Korban Mincha,
Pessach Hagadah, Tehilim, and more) and get a name engraving on your leather as a gift