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About yokra shebaor

Located in the Jerusalem’s Beit Yisrael neighbourhood, the “Prestige Leather” bookbindery is a leader in the field of leather arts in both Judaica, and production of leather book covers in both traditional and innovative styles. The work, which is all done by hand, is carried out by the team of experienced, expert artisans who design quality leather covers for holy books and Judaica.

Prestige Leather offers an extensive range of gifts and Judaica, produced from a wide variety of leathers along with real fur and gold plate, while preserving the old, nostalgic line, alongside a broad selection of holy books, including siddurim, machzors, sifrei tchinot, Pesach haggadahs, tehilim, slichot, chumashim, megillah cases and more.

Of each of the thousands of products which pass through our factory, each binding receives truly artisanal treatment, undergoing a production process only in the factory itself. The company’s products are an international brand and are distributed in book stores in Israel and around the world.

In addition, each of our books and event souvenirs is available for production in a personalized edition- whether for a single item or a number of them, as well as for all manner of presents for anyone you would like to acknowledge.

At the factory the highest quality raw materials are used and the products are created of quality, prestigious leathers.

Among our clients at the bindery we count institutions, organizations and individual customers.

We are pleased to market our exclusive products and to present you with our catalogue, which is packed with a variety of models and colors, and the quality finish we provide for all of our gifts for Chatan v’kallah

our products are 100% hand made