Purchase Policy

Yorka Shebaor's purchase policy

Site regulations and terms of use:

Welcome to the Prestige Leathers Ltd. website (heretofore: “the site”). The site is a virtual store for the purchase of items by the surfing public.

  1. General:

In any place in these regulations in which the masculine form is employed, the intention is for the feminine as well.

The Prestige Leathers Ltd. company (heretofore: “the company”) – the owners and those who run the site prestigeleathers.com (heretofore: “the site”) – are pleased to invite you to enjoy the services of their internet site. The company is making its sales site, an advanced and user-friendly platform for purchasing the company’s products, available to its clients / web surfers. Any use of the site and/or the site’s services is subject to these terms of use. The company will be happy to provide you with the best service possible.

    • The company reserves the right to change these regulations at any time they may see fit. Only articles included in these regulations are binding upon the company vis-à-vis the users and internet surfers.
    • All users/ surfers declare that they accept all instructions in these regulations and terms of use for the site as set out as follows (heretofore: “site regulations” or “the regulations”), and they and/or any of their representatives shall not have any claim and/or suit against the site owners and/or its operators and /or any of their representatives apart from claims related to the violation of responsibilities by the site owners and/or operators according to these regulations.
  1. Use of the site:

All users have the right to make purchases on the site, subject to fulfilling the conditions set out below:

    • The user is qualified to carry out obligating legal activities. If you are a minor (under 18 years of age) or are unable to carry out legal activities without the permission of a guardian, your use of the site will be considered as if you had received the permission of the guardian.
    • The company reserves the right to prevent and cancel your participation/ purchase in the sale and/or your registration on the site if the personal details provided are false or inaccurate.
    • Upon registering on the site the option will be given to mark that they agree to receive marketing material, offers and advertising from the company. The site user is aware that there is no legal duty to provide the bodies with the information and that its provision is only willingly and with their agreement. Furthermore, the site user is aware that the information received from them may be used to marketing purposes, including for advertising which may be sent through email, fax, phone and so forth, as well as for purposes of regular mail, participation in surveys and other services. The company promises not to pass details belonging to any surfers who agreed to receive advertising to any third parties.
  1. Who is allowed to participate in sales on the website?
      • Any surfer who fills in their details and enters a valid identification number and valid credit card from one of the companies with which the site works will have the right to participate in sales on the site.
      • The company maintains the right to prevent you from participating in sales on a temporary or a permanent or a partial basis, without prior notification, and including the following cases:
        • If you entered incorrect or false information
        • If you carried out any activities or omissions or any other activity which could damage the company or any third party working with the company, including people surfing on the site.
        • If you have used the site or a service provided it for the purposes of publicizing libel or slander (as defined in the law) or for the purpose of publicizing inappropriate or illegal material, or material which could harm the site and/or any third party.
        • If you have violated any conditions of this agreement.
        • If the credit card in your possession has been blocked or its use limited in any way.
  1. Purchasing goods on the site
    • Prices publicized on the site are determined by Prestige Leathers. The company does not guarantee that prices on the site are the lowest prices on the market and/or faithfully reflect a specific reduction percentage (in relation to other prices on the market). The company suggests that surfers check market prices prior to purchasing products on the site.
    • Any purchase within the framework of the site (whether a group purchase or any other sort of purchase) is an immediate purchase of the product.
    • The number of products offered for sale for each product is flexible and wont to change, according to the company’s decision.
    • If it becomes clear to the company that human error or a technical error have occurred in presenting the details of the product, its price, payment terms and so forth, the company will be permitted to cancel the transactions made. In this case the registrants will be sent the appropriate message to the email address they provided at the time of their registration on the site. Upon being sent, a message of this sort will constitute proof that the message was sent to the user and the company will not be responsible for non-receipt of the message for any reason whatsoever (including mistaken address, technical errors and so on).
    • A precondition of purchasing products on the site is the approval of the credit card company to perform the transaction. The company maintains the right to put a hold on the purchase until the credit company’s approval is received and/or to cancel the purchase in the case that said approval is not received within the time frame defined by the company.
    • Pictures of products on the site are intended for illustration alone and differences may exist between the picture and the product sold.
    • Vouchers purchased on the site are not for use in the case of double sales, unless stated so on the voucher or on the page describing the details of the transaction.
    • In the case that the person placing the order requests a personal inscription on the product, this will occur only after approval of the graphics by the person ordering. The approval must reach the system through email or fax, and no complaints will be received afterwards by phone regarding approval of the graphics.
    • Furthermore, if the issue is regarding stamps/ engraving and stamps on the product, there may be delays beyond the times noted above, as we are dependent upon a third party.
  1. Payment
    • The prices appearing on the site include VAT according to Israeli law.
    • Should the transaction not be approved by the credit card company, the client will receive an appropriate message. In order to complete the transaction, the client will be required to contact the service center in order to arrange approval from the credit card company for the purpose of carrying out the transaction. It should be emphasized that the transaction will be considered complete only following delivery of credit details by the client. In this case, the delivery dates will begin only according to the date of approval of the transaction by the credit card company. Should the client not arrange the approval within 7 business days from receipt of the notice of refusal by the credit company for approval of the transaction, the “company” retains the right to cancel the order and charge cancellation fees, according to the law.
    • If the person carrying out the transaction does not provide credit card details on the site, but by telephone, our representatives will be in touch with them by phone to take credit card details. The action shall be considered complete only once the credit card details have been provided by the person ordering and the approval has been given by the credit card company for the person ordering to perform the transaction.
    • In the case of monetary return on products purchased, the credit will be issued through suppliers working with the company or for the company in keeping with the company’s decision.
  2. Supply/transportation of products
    • “Prestige Leathers” will supply any item purchased by you on the site (depending on stock) to the address in Israel typed into the client card when the card is opened or to an alternate address entered upon completing the transaction. The delivery time varies depending on type of delivery requested – courier or Israel Post as indicated by you at the time of placing your order. The product leaving the “Prestige Leathers” warehouse will reach you by courier within up to 30 business days by the postal service. In cases of small towns or those over the Green Line, there may be additional delay in arrival.
    • Courier deliveries will be arranged with you directly by the courier company on the date of delivery and if you are not at the delivery point determined at the time agreed upon between you and the courier you will be charged for the delivery costs.
    • An order placed until 12:00 on Sun-Thur (not including Erev Chag) will be taken care of on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 will be taken care of on the following business day.
    • “Prestige Leathers” will not be held responsible for any lateness or delays in supply and/or non-supply which may occur as a result of an act of G-d and/or events which are not in their control including strikes, natural disasters, states of war and so forth.
    • In areas with restricted access for security reasons, “Prestige Leathers” will be permitted to leave the client’s products in an accepted location, to be agreed upon with them ahead of time. It is the client’s responsibility to inform “Prestige Leathers” that the location to which the item was ordered is of limited access for security purposes. Should the client not inform us and the item returns or is delayed, the client will be held responsible for the return shipment payments.
    • Delivery prices are set out on the site, and do not include any unusual transportation and/or delivery outside Israel. Unusual transportation refers to high floors to which it is impossible to delivery items by elevator and/or transportation requiring extra manpower and/or special means.
    • In the case of unusual transportation and/or delivery outside of Israel, “Prestige Leathers” will be permitted to apply a surcharge beyond the price taken for regular delivery.
    • Supply times for the products and/or services as they are stated on the sales page include only calculation of business days and do not include the day the order is made (Sunday-Thursday, not including Fridays, Saturdays, Erev Chag and holidays).
    • Delivery charges may be paid separately or together with the payment for the product. In cases of a payment in installments, “Prestige Leathers” may charge delivery costs in the first installment of payment.
    • The person purchasing the product may collect it from the Prestige Leathers warehouse. To arrange pick-up please contact customer service as listed on the site.
    • Upon supplying the product, Prestige Leathers and/or their representative may demand the presence of the credit card holder and/or presentation of the credit card holder’s identification card and/or the credit card holder’s signature on a voucher as a condition of supply.
    • Remember! In any case in which there is a request to cancel a transaction not due to the goods under contract or transaction being damaged, or due to differences in the product or between the service and the products delivered. Should the item already have been shipped, the purchaser must return the item in its original packaging, whole and/or undamaged and/or unmarked and/or without any harm of any sort, and pay for it themselves, to “Prestige Leathers”.
    • Be aware: No cancellation of transactions may be performed on items which have been personalized for the purchaser, unless there has been an error made by “Prestige Leathers”
  1. Transaction cancellation
    • Cancellation of any order whatsoever shall be carried out in writing alone, by writing to the site manager, using the contact information provided in the relevant link on the site. The request must include details of the purchaser (full name, address, ID number, email address, phone number, etc.), order details and the reason for cancellation. The cancellation will be approved only in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of 1981 (heretofore “Consumer Protection Law”).
    • Cancellation fee – Cancellation, if the client is entitled to cancellation in accordance with this article, the client will be given the right to receive the amount paid by them for the item or the service minus a cancellation fee of 5% of the sum of the transaction or 100 NIS, according to the lower amount (heretofore: “cancellation fee”). Please note, that the client will be charged full price for the delivery even if they have not yet received the item, and this in the case that the item has been shipped from the store to the delivery company (heretofore: “delivery costs”).
    • Cancellation fees and/or delivery costs may be charged to the client by the seller or by the company, at the company’s sole discretion. In any case in which the cancellation fees and/or delivery costs are waived by one of these, the second will be entitled to charge them and the decision to waive by one shall not affect the rights of the other to charge them, in keeping with this there will be no double charge. Only in cases in which the both seller and company shall waive the cancellation fee and/or delivery costs, will the client not be charged cancellation fees and/or delivery costs at all.
    • Note: the Consumer Protection Law of 1981 (heretofore: “Consumer Cancellation Law”) determines that if you have chosen to cancel the transaction not because of any damage to the item in question in this transaction, or due to discrepancies between the item or the service and the items delivered to you, Prestige Leathers retains the right to charge cancellation fees at a rate of up to 5% of the price of the item purchased or 100 NIS, according to the lower of the two, in addition to cancellation fees of 20 NIS. If the item has left the warehouse on its way to you, delivery fees will also be charged to you.
    • If the item has been purchased by the client and they have requested that “Prestige Leathers” store it in the warehouse for them until they request delivery or come to collect it, 14 days will be counted from the day of purchase, notwithstanding the date of collection and/or full or partial payment date for it.
    • Transactions must be cancelled in writing by fax to 02-5828788 and/or email at ys582877@gmail.com
    • Notwithstanding the above, transactions for the following items, once purchased, may not be cancelled:
      • Perishable items
      • Items which may be recorded, copied, reproduced or where the purchaser has opened the original packaging.
    • If the client received the item which is the subject of the transaction or contract, they are responsible to return it to the store, at their own cost, and this applies to any item received by the client following the transaction operation or contract. It must be clarified that the client will be charged full price for the delivery even if the item has not been received, and this is in the case that the item under contract or which is the subject of the transaction has been sent from the store to the delivery company.
    • It should be clarified and emphasized: Cancellation of the transaction, for cases not involving damage as mentioned above, by the person undertaking the transaction, shall be subject to the purchaser returning the item which must be packaged in its original packaging, complete and/or with no damage and/or marks and/or problems of any sort whatsoever.
    • Note: Items may not be returned once they have been assembled, unless the store gave written prior approval.
    • The results of the cancellation do not affect the right of the store to sue for damages, when the value of the item has been reduced following significant worsening of its condition.
    • That stated in the article above does not apply to goods and services set out in article 14g (d) of the Consumer Protection Law.
    • “Prestige Leathers” shall be entitled to cancel entire or partial transactions and/or sales under the following conditions:
      • If a marking error occurred whether in the price of the item or in its description.
      • In the case of an act of G-d, acts of war or terrorism which may prevent the continuation of the sale, its performance or participation in the sale in a proper manner.
      • Should it emerge that the transaction and/or sale involved illegal activities by the purchasers and/or any third parties.
      • Should “Prestige Leathers” discover that the purchaser may resell the item or the service to a third party and/or trade in it.
    • Notice of cancellation of a sale will be sent to the buyers by phone and/or in writing to the address noted on the client card at the time of registration for the sale.
    • If following completion of the sale it emerges that the product and/or service are not in stock, Prestige Leathers reserve the right to cancel the sale or to offer an alternate product of equal value. If the sale is cancelled as described, “Prestige Leathers” and/or any representative of theirs shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect, resultant or particular damage caused to the user or to any third party including but not exclusive to damage due to purchase of the item and/or service from a third party at a higher price.
  1. Cancellation of sales by the company and/or seller
    • The company reserves the right to stop, at any moment at their discretion, the activity on the site and/or to cancel a sale (before or after its completion). Notice of cancellation or cessation of this sort will be sent to the user or the purchaser, and the company will refrain from charging the purchaser’s credit card. If the surfer has already purchased the item/service they will be refunded the full amount.
    • Due to the refund of the amount of the transaction as stated, the user or purchaser shall have no complaint, claim and/or demand on the company and/or the supplier due to cancellation of the transaction as described herein.
  1. Confidentiality and privacy
    • The company agrees to do its best using the means available to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s information as provided at the time of participation in methods of sale.
    • Given that this is a matter of operations performed online the company is unable to guarantee complete security from infiltration of their computers or exposure of information saved by those undertaking the illegal activity. If despite security measures taken by the company any third party shall infiltrate the secured information saved by them and/or use it incorrectly, there shall be no claim, suit or demand on the company.
  2. Customer service
    • A customer service representative will be pleased to assist you during the publicized working hours, with any questions regarding the purchasing process or any other subject, in order to make the purchasing experience more enjoyable, make it simpler and quicker insofar as possible.
  3. Responsibility
    • Products on the site are presented in good faith and upon the seller’s responsibility, and their presentation infers no recommendation and/or opinion by the company and/or sellers with regard to the nature of the products, their characteristics, their quality, names of the manufacturers and so forth.
    • The company does not guarantee that the site service will not be interrupted, will be given with no breaks or problems whatsoever.
    • The company will not bear responsibility directly or indirectly for any case in which your offer is not accepted (for whatever reason) and/or for any technical problem preventing you from presenting an offer or updating it.
    • The company shall not bear responsibility for illegal activity by participants in the sale or any other parties not in their complete control.
    • Without prejudice to the abovementioned, the company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by use of the site.
  4. Intellectual Property
    • All content located on the site is the sole property of the company or content given to the company by license and/or explicit permission by the content owners. Any copy, distribution, broadcasting, publication, link or other change to this site or anything on it without explicit permission of the company is absolutely forbidden.
    • Icons and any information and/or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, word displays, commercial signs, logos, as well as the arrangement and presentation of these, are the sole property of “the company”.
    • It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publicize or use the material appearing on the site in any other way unless “the company” has given permission, ahead of time and in writing.
  5. Law and jurisdiction
    • Should any party violating these terms it shall be equivalent to violation of Israeli law alone. In any case of disagreement- the Jerusalem regional courts shall have the sole jurisdiction to hear the suit.

Respectfully, Company Management.

Prestige Leathers Ltd.

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